Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Death of Skinny Jeans and How to Get Over Them

Oh how we all loved skinny jeans, (most of us anyway).  As time has gone on I think we've all become a little sick of them.  They are so uncomfortable and I'm starting to wonder if they even looked as good as I thought.  Whatever happened to the classic Levi 501s?
Everyone, well it seems wrong to say everyone, but the majority of people are so afraid to dress differently.  When I walk around town, everyone I see who is around my age is wearing the exact same thing, Joni jeans with a crop top and some Adidas superstars, probably with a bomber jacket too.  I really can't imagine that everyone has the exact same style.  They just want to blend in and how sad is that to just spend your whole life blending in when you can stand out.  When a lot of people begin to build up their own style again, they have no idea where to start, and that's where I come in.  I'm going to show you ways to rebuild your wardrobe with your own style over the next couple of blog posts.  In this post I'll be teaching you how to get rid of your skinny jeans and have confidence wearing different clothing.

The first step is to...

1) Get Inspiration 

I'd really recommend looking at Pinterest and finding what clothing you like other than skinny jeans.  You might find out that you really love pleated skirts like this one or that you love flared jeans, or maybe you're so sick of leg ware and you just want a pretty dress like this gorgeous one that I was going to buy ages ago but never got round to. 😓 Oh and it's also on the sale at the moment. 😉

2) Don't Be Scared to Be Diffferent

Sooooo many people are just afraid that people will think they're weird because they're not trying to fit in with the crowd, and that's not what it should be like.  Everyone should be able to have their own TRUE style.  My advice is to just wear what you want and make it look a million times better than what everyone else is wearing.  Please don't waste your life trying to fit in with everyone else if it's not what you truly like.  Don't be scared to be different.

3)  Rethink Why You Wear What You Wear

Lay all your clothes out and evaluate each piece of clothing.  Ask yourself why you bought that item, if you really like it and if it's truly your style.  Go over any skinny jeans you have and ask yourself if that's really what you want to be wearing most days.

4)  Keep Up with the Fashion and Pick What YOU Like

If you want to be a true fashionista then it's pretty obvious that you need to be keeping up to date with the newest fashion trends (only the ones you really like though).  If you have been keeping up then first of all, well done, you're a star and second of all, you know that skinny jeans are so old and not cool.  The newest trends in terms of denim jeans are:

1) Flared jeans
These are coming back into fashion slowly but surely and I'd definitely recommend getting a pair if this is a trend you're a fan of.  I personally love the whole hippie 70's look and flared jeans are no exception.  A lot of people seem to be really afraid to get back into this trend and I don't know why.  It's very flattering and makes you look a lot taller, especially if you're wearing platform heels underneath.  A more expensive pair like these are stunning.

A more affordable pair can also look just as nice.

2) Straight leg/mom jeans
Straight leg jeans are growing more and more popular by the day and I like them but no where near as much as flared jeans.  I think it's quite hard to find the perfect pair as all the nice ones seem to sell out extremely quickly.
I hope this blog post has helped you out and showed you some ways to get over the death of skinny jeans.  Let me know if you bought into the skinny jean trend or not.

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