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My Christmas Wishlist | Gift Guide for Her

Christmas time is such a wonderful time of the year because everyone is so happy and festive, even the most miserable people look a little happier.  There are lights everywhere and the smell of delicious food is impossible to miss.  Laughter travels down every alleyway.  It's not just Christmas though, the whole of December is like this and I love it.  Everyone is buying presents with a warmth in their heart, knowing that the person receiving them will be so full of joy.  Some people struggle with gift ideas and that can be one of the worst things, so I thought I would share my Christmas wishlist as it might help some of you with some gift ideas that someone close to you will cherish.

1) Classic Old Skool Vans

Personally I think shoes are a great idea for Christmas.  People always need or want them and what's better than a pair of Classic Old Skool Vans?  They are super casual and stylish, also very fashionable at the moment.  Vans last for years and are extremely good quality, what's not to love about that?!

They constantly seem to be trendy or as I said before, 'fashionable', which is perfect if you have more of a fashionista that you are buying gifts for.  I would highly recommend buying a pair of these as a gift for someone, whether that be a male or female, teen or adult.

2) A String of Fairy Lights

A string of  fairy lights would be a lovely gift.  They make a room look so cosy.  They are also great lighting so if you are gifting someone who is a YouTuber, Blogger or even just a selfie-taker then this is a great gift idea.

You can have these fairy lights anywhere, on the wall, in front of a tapestry or in front of curtains as shown on the picture above.  These are also great if your room is looking a little dull or empty.

3) A Bag

Bags are brilliant for a number of reasons and they make great Christmas presents.  I really like the look of a Gucci Disco Bag but lately I've been loving this Michael Kors small leather backpack.  I think it's actually pretty affordable for an adult and I just love it.  The colour is stunning and very autumnal or wintry.

If I received this backpack as a gift for Christmas I'd be over the moon.  It really is gorgeous, and at the end of the day, what girl doesn't want a new bag?

4) Polaroid Instax Mini 9

I've wanted one of these cameras for the longest time.  I just love the fact that you can capture the moment right there and then and not have to worry about posing and taking a million photos.  These are just perfect in every way.

I love these Instax Mini cameras in blue.  I think it just looks really cute.  This would be the perfect gift for someone who loves photography, likes to be 'tumblr' or just likes to take the odd photo for memories.

5) A Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes have always been so special to me.  I've only had one in my whole life and it's a really cute little vintage looking one.   It's so dainty and I love it so much but I really need a bigger one.  I don't have much jewelry but I do like a nice jewelry box.  Lately I've been loving the look of mirrored jewelry boxes.

6) A Dark Red Lipstick

I am obsessed with dark red lipstick at the moment.  It's a look which I think a lot of people can pull off if they get the right shade for their skin tone.  I found one that would be perfect for me and that is this Lime Crime one in the shade 'Bloodmoon'.

It's such a gorgeous shade of red and perfect for the winter season.  I think a dark red lip is great because it's a lot more daring and that really pays off if you do it well.

7) An Eyeliner

Eyeliner is an amazing thing.  You can completely change the shape of your eyes with it or you can really enhance the shape and color of your eyes.  I love a jet black eyeliner, but only if it's a liquid formula and this one from Tarte is just that.

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves their makeup.  Tarte has amazing quality makeup and the packaging is always eye catching.  I love the packaging of this eyeliner in particular, it's super cute.

8) A Watch

I know everyone has mobile phones now but what about when they run out and you're are out and about?  Watches are brilliant because not only are they useful, they also make a beautiful fashion statement.  I love watches that have a leather strap because it really gives them that extra stylish look.

This watch in particular is really lovely.  I think the pink and the rose gold goes so well and it's also really feminine and pretty.  I don't think you can really go wrong with a watch that looks like this because it's got quite a classic feel to it but with a modern twist.

9) Colouring Pencils

If you have a more arty friend or whoever you're are buying gifts for, then this is the perfect present.  Colouring pencils are great and all but only if you're going to get the best quality.  These Prisma pencils are known for their outstanding quality.  These are the pencils that artists use, especially ones that do hyper realism.

 This pack of 150 is amazing because they're going to last for absolutely ages and they'll have every colour they could ever need.  I'd definitely recommend getting pencils from Prisma.  

To go along with  the pencils a good quality sketchbook is a useful present.  Pink Pig have really good sketchbooks and this one is so nice.  I love the burgundy colour, it makes it a little more interesting than a plain black one. 

Nail polish is a lovely way to add more colour to your outfit but sometimes it's nice to have a more simple nail colour.  It enhances your nails but it isn't too much.  Essie nail polish is incredible, you only really have to do one or two coats and you're good to go.  This colour, 'ballet slippers' is the perfect nude.

12) Fluffy White Slippers

Every girl wants, maybe even needs, fluffy white slippers.  They are the most feminine, cute and wonderful slippers ever.  I absolutely love these ones by Muk Luks.

The fluffy pom poms make these even better.

12) Reindeer Onsie

I hate onsies so much that no one will ever understand but I do have an exception.  This reindeer onsie is the cutest and most adorable thing I have ever seen.  I don't know what it is about it but I just love it.

13) Chocolate

No Christmas is complete without chocolate.  Chocolate is obviously a must have present for most people.  My personal favourite is Guylian chocolate.  It is the most amazing and luxurious chocolate I have ever had in my entire life.  Everything about them from the smell to the taste to the look to the feel, they are just perfect.

 I would really urge you to buy this chocolate for any chocolate lover, they won't be disappointed. 

That is all for my Christmas wishlist/gift guide for her.  I hope this helps you out in some way or another.  I definitely think there is something on this list for everyone whether they be arty, fashionable, casual or chocolate obsessed. 


  1. Another fabulous post from you Lula! x I'm absolutely obsessed with those chocolate seashells - I used to buy those every year! xx I also love a dark lip myself as, you're right, it does suit a lot of skintones; I've been repping one from The Balm lately but I'll definitely be giving that Limecrime a go! x
    Marina xx

    1. Oh thank you Marina! The Guylian chocolates truly are amazing! I'll be sure to check out the one from 'The Balm'. xx

  2. Wow everything on this list is amazing the eye liner the back pack the lipstick I really like the camera!

    1. Thank you! I hope you receive anything you want from the list. x

  3. I LOVE the Michael Corr's bag & Prismer colour pencils!

  4. For her present, my wife makes me take her to the Boxing Day sales armed with a well loaded debit card! Much easier for me and she gets what she wants!

  5. Some lovely gift ideas there, I love that Instax Mini camera, such a lovely colour.

  6. The reindeer onesie is so cute.

  7. I really love the Guylian seashells at christmas! They are such delicious chocolates. Happy New Year XX


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