Wednesday, 20 December 2017

High End Christmas Party Lookbook

With Christmas just around the corner there's no time to waste.  The party season is here and you need to be looking fabulous!  You need to be the one that stands out and looks the best without a doubt.  For Christmas in particular, I've created a stunning and classy mood board to give you some inspiration.

Starting off with the outfit, a gorgeous lacy black dress is perfect because it's Christmas and the colours should be more dark and glamorous with red and gold or silver as the only colours that bring a pop.  This gorgeous lacy black midi style dress from Dodo Bar Or is perfect as it's very classy looking and goes with a lot.  It's also the perfect length as it's neither too short nor too long.  I personally love the fact that it's long sleeved too because Christmas time, especially over here in England, is freezing and no one wants cold arms.  It's high neck too so it's definitely a win win for the colder weather.

Going perfectly with the black lace dress are these glamorous strappy metallic heels.  These go so well because they aren't too bulky, they are very delicate and feminine, just like the dress.  The gold colour ties in really well with the whole Christmas theme and colour combination.  I'm really fussy when it comes to heels but these ones caught my eye because they are so simple yet elegant.  They really can make any outfit look very high end and stylish, so I'd say at £25 you can't really go wrong.

Next for the accessories I've picked three main ones that will pull the whole outfit together and really make it jaw dropping.  Accessories are so much more important than most people realise.  Most people think that a look is all about the outfit but the accessories play such a huge role too.  They are what makes the outfit stand out and look as fabulous as it does.  The first accessory I've picked is a red Chanel Maxi Flap Bag.  A bag obviously is a must have for a party.  You're going to need one to carry all your bits and bobs, but if you are going to have one you may as well get the most luxurious and stylish one possible.  Chanel bags always look very stylish, but this red one is so utterly perfect for the Christmas season.  It's such a beautiful, slightly dark red too, which I love.

Chanel handbag

The next accessory I've chosen is this exquisite rose gold Cartier ring.  This ring truly is gorgeous.  I love that it's quite simple but far from boring.  It's definitely a statement piece of jewellery.  I love the beautiful warm pink tone to it that turns it into a delightfully pretty rose gold.  This ring is definitely something you'll be wanting to wear on a special occasion like Christmas.

The final accessory are these magnificent and rather dazzling earrings.  They add that eye-catching touch and make everything look so glamorous.  These earrings are from Kate Spade but unfortunately they're out of stock but I managed to find some very similar ones and they are actually only £50 and considering they're a designer brand, that's not too bad.

Kate Spade post earrings

Now for makeup.  Warm tones for your eyes are really lovely as they don't take the attention away from everything else yet they bring a nice touch at the same time.  This strikingly glorious eyeshadow palette by Stila has all the warm tones and nudes, with some other pretty colours like a dark green, a red and a gold, which yet again is perfect for Christmas.  To complete the Christmas makeup a red lip is perfect.

Stila eyeshadow

Now what would Christmas (or any special occasion) be without a nice drink for the adults?!  This champagne by Perrier Jouët is the perfect drink for any party.

Perrier Jouët gift sets kit

To go along with the champagne are these luxurious glasses.  I think it's always good to invest in some nice glasses because they will last you many years and look far more fabulous than any old cheap glasses.

Riedel champagne glasses

Let me know what your go to Christmas party look is.  Do you have a signature look or do you change it up every time?



  1. My wife would kill for a Chanel handbag, but at £4k it's a little out of my price range....

    1. I would too but like you it's a little far out of my price range 😂

  2. Loving your suggestions father Christmas has my wishlist - hope he delivers x

  3. Best not to show this lot to my wife - my credit card would take one heck of a hammering

  4. Wow what luxury items! I adore the strap heeled Sandles and oh my ♥ that Chanel handbag is stunning!

  5. I love the dress and the eye palette, these are the colours i would definitely go for.

  6. Some amazing things here!

  7. Love these but haven't got the confidence to glam up x

  8. definitely a touch of class,so elegant selection


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