Friday, 24 February 2017

Top 10 Beauty Hacks

I love finding new beauty hacks to make life a little easier.  If you do too, then you're in the right place.  Whether it's beauty hacks, fashion hacks, blogging hacks, they all offer something that will make you think 'why have I not heard of this until now?!'.  So without further ado, here is a list of my 'Top 10 Beauty Hacks'.

1. The Instant Eyeliner Secret.  Long gone are the days of redoing eyeliner because it's not equal or spending ages trying to apply it neatly.  You can simply just apply some eyeliner to your eyelash curlers and.....whabam.  You never have to worry about how long it will take to do your eyeliner again

2. The Cupids Bow Cross. Lip liner is one of those things that is just a pain, especially when trying to get the cupids bow to look half even.  However, you can draw a cross on your cupids bow, which not only keeps everything symmetrical, but also exaggerates your shape ever so slightly.

3. Natural Lighting Is Key.  Make sure you do your makeup in natural lighting to avoid any embarrassment.  Doing your makeup in unnatural lighting is a common mistake.  It can make your makeup look harsh and the wrong tone if  you don't use the right lighting. Natural lighting is key!

4. Smoky Eye Makeup Made Easy.  With your eyeliner, draw a slanted hashtag at the outer corner of each eye.  Then simply blend it in with the rest of your eye makeup.  This helps you achieve a smoky eye with very little effort.

5. Make Your Lipstick Last longer.  Put on some lipstick, then lay some tissue across your lips.  Dust translucent powder over the top to make the colour set so your lipstick lasts longer.  This hack may be old but it's still gold.

6. Mascara Made Easy.  For this hack all you need is a spoon.  Hold the rounded part of the spoon against your upper eyelids while applying your mascara.  Rather than the mascara going on your eyelids it'll go on the spoon.  Yay!

7. Dry Shampoo Before Bed.  For the bet results, spray dry shampoo in your hair before you go to bed.  As you sleep the dry shampoo will really work itself into your hair.  This works a treat and saves a lot of time and effort.

8. The French Manicure Hack.  Wrap an elastic band around your finger so it lays straight across you nail.  Apply your nail vanish.  This is super-duper easy and makes manicures a lot easier.

9.  Coconut Oil As A Makeup Remover.  Coconut oil is a great alternative to makeup wipes and other makeup removing liquids.  Coconut oil actually works really well.  Plus it's completely natural.  Your skin will thank you!

10. Mascara Brush for Brows.  Before you chuck out your old mascara, make sure you save your mascara brush.  Mascara brushes are perfect for combing your brows and keeping them well groomed.  You could also rub your mascara brush in an eyebrow powder to give them a little more colour.

Which of these beauty hacks was your favourite?  Do you know any more fabulous beauty hacks that I didn't write down?


  1. Wow the eyeliner hack - could be a game changer!! #TheList

  2. Can't wait to try coconut oil as a make-up remover - always hearing how versatile it is!

    1. It's amazing and all natural too, so great for the skin! x

  3. I love a good hack! Natural light is 100% necessary for me applying makeup. I don't want to go out looking like my son did my makeup! 😂. I need to try the coconut oil make up remover. I saw that on YouTube yesterday and it's possibly the only use for it I haven't tried! x


  4. I have to try that eyeliner trick, it sounds brilliant!

  5. I'm going to try the mascara hack, I'm forever getting it on my lids

  6. Thanks so much for these, what fabulous but simple ideas!

  7. I love 'The French Manicure Hack' never thought of that so will definitely be trying this later!

  8. You have some great beauty tips on your page

  9. Very useful tips. I like the Mascara Brush for Brows 😀

  10. Some great hacks on here

  11. I'm always drawn to any hacks I see, they usually pop up on my FB feed regularly and I always read them so when I saw your blog post re beauty hacks, well I just had to read that.

    Am loving these - numbers 7 and 9 are my favourites, especially 7. I usually don't apply dry shampoo until the morning when I look in the mirror in a fright and see the state of my hair before work so I'm definitely going to try this out and hopefully arrive at work less frazzled.


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